10 Effective Tips For Preventing Cell Phone Spyware

Preventing-Mobile-Spy-Softwares-AppsCell phones have been one of the fastest growing varieties of technology in the modern world. With these leaps and bounds come new dangers and pitfalls for you to be aware of.

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One of these is the ever-growing amount of spyware you can pick up. Here are a list of tips to help minimize bad software, malware, and viruses on your mobile device.

No. 1: Maintain Caution When Visiting Websites

There are a great deal of websites online that are unsafe to visit. These usually have a few features that indicate you may face some dangers, such as:

  • Poor Layout
  • Bright & Flashing Buttons/Banners/Images
  • Great Amount Of Pressure To Download Programs
  • Manipulation To Click Links That May Be Unsafe

Keep In Mind: If the website feels unsafe, chances are that it is.

No. 2: Receive Ringtones, Wallpapers & Other Stuff Only From Trustworthy Company

Dubious downloads are the quickest way to riddle your cell phone with:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Malware

Ensure that, prior to downloading a new ringtone, wallpaper, or etc., that the source you’re downloading from is a trustworthy one. Buying from large online retailers is the easiest way to stay safe.

If you are unsure of the company’s trustworthiness, look up reviews on the provider – customers will be able to tell you if they were happy or unhappy with their purchases.

No. 3: Take Out Your Battery When You Are Not Using It

Removing-Battery-Out-Of-Your-PhoneThe best way to keep your phone safe when you aren’t using it is to remove your battery altogether. Why take this drastic measure?

If it has no power source connected to it, it can’t complete any functions. More advanced devices can do actions whether they are powered or not – it simply needs continued connection to the battery.

Keep In Mind: Spyware may continually send out your data, and one way to prevent this is to disconnect it from it’s power source.

No. 4: Make Sure No One Has Access To Install Anything

Often times, you won’t be the one to accidentally “invite” tracking virus on to your device. A lover, friend, family member, or child may stumble upon a wallpaper or ringtone that they would like to download, and incidentally install bad software.

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Don’t pass it off to anyone you don’t trust, as they can accidentally download dangerous tracking programs. There are, thankfully, apps designed specifically to protect certain parts and texts from others that may be borrowing your phone – you’ll want to invest in these if you frequently allow people access to it.

No. 5: Leave It Home & Limit Its Usage

Looking for the very best way to defend yourself from any viruses? It is really simple. Just leave it at home!

Limiting its usage will, of course, ensure that your device is not exposed to as much hidden bad stuff. By limiting the time you spend using it, you’ll limit the amount of spyware and malware you might run into.

Worth Pointing Out: This might not be the optimal choice for frequent users, but it is truly effective.

No. 6: Go & Get A Security Program

There are many security apps available for your cell phone. These can protect your personal information in completely unique ways.

You’ll want to look for one that is an:

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Phishing Defenses

You should also look into a firewall, for an added layer of security.

No. 7: Turn Off Bluetooth When Not Using It

Your Bluetooth connection can be picking up on random viruses without you even realizing it. This type of connection can also allow spyware to send out your crucial, personal information to foreign parties, who can then use it to their advantage.

If your device has continual Bluetooth connective capabilities, your best choice is to deactivate it when you aren’t using it. This is going to protect it from errant signals and miscellaneous attacks.

No. 8: Request Phone Provider To Do Factory Reset

If you do encounter any of these negative software, you can have your provider do what’s known as a “factory reset”.

This is the ultimate cleansing process – it’s essentially setting your phone back to a “new” state on the inside, removing any bad software that might have accumulated including:

  • Programs
  • Apps
  • Viruses

Please Note: When you receive your device back from a factory reset, it will be put back to the state it was when you first bought it. Good as new!

No. 9: Use A Strong, Secure Password & Locking App

A helpful app can lock specific and unique texts, Facebook, email, contacts, and more. This prevents anyone from tampering with these particular areas.

You won’t have to worry about letting colleagues, friends, or children borrow your phone, as they won’t be able to access any areas you don’t want them to. When using any sort of password system, make sure that the combination you set is a strong and secure one.

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Poor security word makes for weak protection. If you’re defining your own, try to include these elements – at least six to ten characters/numbers, and a mixture of capital and lower-case letters.

No. 10: Update Your OS Regularly

Your operating system, also known as “OS”, is what controls how and in what ways you can operate your phone. An example of an OS would be Microsoft Windows or Linux for computers.

For mobile devices, you’ve probably heard of:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iOS

Updating these vital systems provides you with better and up-to-date defense against spyware, viruses, and other potential dangers. These updates are released to combat newer and more devious versions of this bad stuff, so maintaining the latest version of your OS can be a simple way to ensure the continued safety of your cell phone.

Further Resources

  • Dad

    My son used to download all these ringtones and wallpapers to my phone and I got all sorts of viruses and spyware in there! I told him to stop downloading everything he likes because he may ruin the phone! I think he needs to have his own phone and see how bad things can get.

  • greg

    Never thought about taking the battery out when I’m not using the phone! It sounds a bit hard to do every time you go to bed, but if it’s helpful I will do it. I have friends that had to pay a lot of money to get their phones fixed after they received some sort of virus, so I don’t want to risk anything.

  • martian

    My phone had powerful spyware on it and I had it in service twice last year. I spent over $1000 on getting it back to normal! I just hate these spammers that keep developing these viruses! Don’t they have anything better to do? If I could my hands on one of them…

  • jenny12

    Oh my God! I’m always leaving my Bluetooth on even if I’m using it or not! Had no idea this could be dangerous for my phone! Who knows how many spyware applications have been downloaded without me knowing? That’s it, Bluetooth off. I don’t want to ruin my phone because I didn’t pay attention.

  • pat

    My OS is updated very often so there’s no issue there, but I do need to get myself a security program. Are there any that you feel are truly worth the money? I’m interested in something that can protect against everything. Money is not that big of an issue for me. I just want to be as much protected as I can be.