6 Surefire Signs Your Phone Is Bugged

Bugged-Phones-Ear-Listening-To-ThemTracking applications are being increasingly popular as more individuals have begun to purchase programs that allow them to have full access to specific devices.

With that being said, these apps can be used against better judgement.

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If you think that your phone has become a victim of bugging, there are ways to determine whether you are right or not.

By paying attention to the below indicators, you can easily determine if it is bugged by someone!

No. 1: Troubles Shutting Your Phone Down

One of the most important indicators to be aware of is whether there is any inexplicable activity occurring. If you find that you are having issues with shutting it down, your device could very well be compromised.

One of the most common issues in regards to turning a tapped phone off is a significant delay while the shutdown process is occurring. This generally leads to the back-light remaining on even after it has been switched off.

No. 2: Look For Random & Strange Activity

As previously mentioned, inexplicable behavior may be another indicator that may suggest that you have been bugged. Weird activity can incorporate a variety of different events ranging:

  • From Distortions On Your Screen
  • To Installing Programs On Its Own

With that being said, it is imperative that you pay close attention to your phone if you suspect that someone else has access to it. The more you know your device, the easier it will be to determine if any strange events are occurring on it.

No. 3: Hearing Background Noises & Clicks While Making A Call


Although this event has been glamorized by movies and television, hearing abnormal background noises and clicks while placing a call are factors that could indicate that you have been tapped.

Echoes and static are two other sounds that you may hear if you have been eavesdropped. The reason why you are hearing these sounds is because of the other individual who is listening to your conversations.

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Also, with many tracking applications, they often record your calls and transfer them directly to other individual. This event may also force you to hear strange noises while you are speaking with someone on the phone.

No. 4: Notice Increased Data Usage

Determining whether there has been a drastic increase in your online data usage can be easily tracked by logging into your mobile account and viewing your past invoices.

Considering that another person has access to your bugged device it means that they will be able to get to all of your apps, even internet browsers. If an individual is able to manage those using the internet, there will definitely be an increase in downloaded and uploaded data.

Another reason as to why this may be higher is due to the fact that these spy applications transmit information to another location. These transmissions are completed via the internet and occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No. 5: Low Battery Life & Its High Temperature


Two common issues that are experienced by people with bugged or tapped devices are low battery life and an its extremely high temperature.

Considering that the majority of individuals who tap phones wish to have 24/7 access, the application that they install will be running at all times during the day. This process can drastically drain your energy source due to the fact that it never shuts down or gives your a break.

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As with the majority of mobile devices, when they are running for an extended period of time, it will undoubtedly become extremely warm & hot to the touch. With the tracking application running stealthily in the background, your battery will overwork itself and get hot.

No. 6: Watch For Coded Text Messages

These could be a way for the bugger to attempt to contact you to show that you have been bugged. These could also be a simple indicator that anyone else has been accessing your incoming and outgoing text message logs.

If you experience any coded text messages, there is a high probability that someone has attempted to bug you and your information is no longer safe.

With the ample amount of spy applications available on the market, more people are beginning to find that their devices have been compromised. If you are worried about your phone possibly being bugged, determine if any of the above indicators apply to your situation.

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  • phoneuser

    Didn’t even think about this until reading your article but my phone has been acting weird when I turn it off. I’ve noticed this a week ago. Since then it’s been taking a longer time to turn off and it may well be bugged! What should I do next? Take it to someone to a checkup? Where should I go from here?

  • secretagent

    I always considered hearing background noises or clicks as part of the sounds the phone makes. I’ll have to pay more attention to these and see if someone is actually listening in on my calls! That would be awesome and strange at the same time! Just like a secret agent! 007 signing off!

  • joana

    My phone has been having low battery life problems and high temperature from the day I got it! It’s a Samsung and not a newer model and it’s constantly getting hot while I talk but I don’t think anyone is listening in! That would be awful yet I don’t know what good would that do to them as I’ve got not secrets to tell.

  • Sammy

    Never got a coded message but that would be something! It wouldn’t scare me; quite the contrary! I would love to be a part of some sort of conspiracy like in the movies but I doubt that will ever happen! My phones don’t experience any of the sings of an intruder so I think I’m safe for now.

  • oana

    My brother works for the Police Department so I already knew everything you said in here. He constantly keeps telling me new ways someone can break into your phone and how you can realize that. It’s pretty scary stuff! I’m glad I have a policeman as a brother but it’s also a bit overwhelming to learn how vulnerable we really are.

  • Momma Bear Galaxy

    My phone snap, crackle and pops, the screen some times for a few seconds and it beeps periodically when it is not in use. My GPS turns it self on sometimes as well. What should I do? If I dump the phone and keep the number do I stop the tap or do I have to dump both? However, I do have a Pandora’s box app on my phone. Could that be the issue? My phones battery life usually last about 2 hours (Galaxy 3).

  • Nobody’s fool

    My ex has had my phone tapped for months, i called the police about it and the detective checked and said it wasn’t his department, but that it could be coming from another department in a different state…but since i had that conversation with the police on the phone i suspected was being tapped, i stopped hearing the clicking noises, and they only came on when i spoke to my kids. And my phone was always loosing battery power and hot to the touch, my ex always seemed to know what I was up to…it’s disgusting how vulnerable we are

  • Clueless dude

    If I could get a response to this, it would be very lovely. Would my cell phone be tapped if it displayed a different service provider? Mine is Cricket, but today, it displayed AT&T. It eventually changed back to Cricket. It’s never done that before.

  • nobodys fool

    how can I tell if my phones being tapped and how can I tell where its coming from