Everify.com Review: Protect Yourself From Scams Around You

Screenshot-Of-The-Website-eVerifyTrust is not something that should be easily given. In the news every day, you hear about people falling for scams, whether by entrusting their business to a criminal or by putting out money on a service or product never delivered.

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Sometimes, the scam is one of the heart. Maybe you are afraid that your husband or wife is cheating on you and not being honest with their whereabouts when not home.

Unless you are a police detective or member of the FBI or CIA, you don’t have the resources to truly investigate someone. That is where eVerify.com comes in. A subscription to this website gives you unlimited background checks a month. The question is, can you trust them?

How Can eVerify.com Help You?

This brand is a search system that has access to many different databases across the country that gathers people’s:

  • Criminal Records
  • Property Records
  • Birth Records
  • Assets & So Much More

If you want to make sure an employee is who he says he is or if you are trying to look up a long lost friend, this company can really help you.

How Does It Work?

When you visit the home page, you will find several ways to do detective work.

  • Name – The most popular way to do a simple people search is where you just enter in the person’s name and state and then click for your report.
  • Phone Number – If you find yourself being crank-called on a regular basis, then you can use the reverse phone lookup.
  • Address – To verify the owner of a property, simple put in the address and you will be given information about the owners, the property itself and even the neighbors.
  • Email – The last main feature on the website is look for email to identify those sending you all that annoying spam.

Subscription Price: In this digital age, it is actually kind of scary how much stuff can be culled about your personal and professional lives. With a paid membership of $19.95 a month, you can get so much more of it than in the preliminary investigation. Photos, videos and info shared on social media profiles are all fair game.

How To Create & Login To Your Account

Sign Up: To set up your account initially, just start your search and then you will be asked to either pick the 7 day free trial or the monthly membership. Once all your payment information is gathered, you will be given your account username & pass.

Log In: On the home page, you will notice in the main navigation bar a link to the access page where all you have to do is enter your username and password.

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Can You Trust eVerify.com With Your Information?

This website has gotten mixed feed-backs from past customers.

  • Negatives – Some consider eVerify a scam because they were provided faulty login info after they paid for membership, and when they tried to call the customer hotline (#800-791-1427), they were put on hold or told to leave a message which was never returned.
  • Positives – There have been positive reviews of the service as well, but tread carefully when choosing a background check provider.

Just keep in mind that you should always speak to a live person before giving away your vital information.

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