Review Of SpyBubble Cell Phone Spy: What You Need To Know

eCover-Of-Product-Called-Spybubble-SoftwareWARNING: Do not use this app illegally. Check for compliance with local law. Do not monitor and track individuals without their knowledge (without prior explicit consent obtained). It is illegall to do so.

Stealthy monitoring of mobile devices has become increasingly popular as more individuals have begun to use mobiles as a central hub for communication and storing information.

If you are an employer or a parent who is looking to have complete control over what your employees and/or children are accessing with their smartphones, you may want to consider a tracking software such as SpyBubble.

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As one of the most popular programs available to the general public, more people are beginning to install this stealthy application onto specific devices.

What Is This Product All About? is a website that provides you with the opportunity to download a spying soft that can be discreetly downloaded onto what is referred to as a “target phone”.

This means essentially any smartphone that the user is interested in having total access to at all times of the day. Acclaimed by USA Today, Forbes, and eHow, this soft has been quite useful for many individuals.

It helps to make the purchasing process simple for customers so that you do not have to go through too many steps to have the application installed.

Does SpyBubble Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

With every brand that is offered on the internet, there is always a fear of it being a scam or a complete waste of money.

  • Tested – Considering that it has been tested by many renowned organizations, this in itself is proof that it is not a shoddy product.
  • Happy Users – There are also an ample amount of people who have left reviews stating its effectiveness and how it has assisted them with their monitoring needs.

There are dozens of SMS tracking programs available online, some of which may be scams, but this concrete brand provides a working app with a user friendly interface to help make its usage more simple.

Main Features Of This App & Software

Interestingly, it has many characteristics to be taken advantage of by those who purchase the program. What is more, as with the majority of other similar products, it offers two unique packages, each of which incorporate different features.

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When choosing which one is more suitable for you, do not forget to consider what you will be using it for and choose the corresponding package to give you stuff that you will need. The two offered packages are:

No. 1: Basic Version

The Basic subscription is perfect for users who are looking to pay less money but who wish to have an ample amount of tracking possibilities at their hand.

Although it does not have as many features as advanced Pro version, it provides customers with the minimum requirements to experience the product´s effectiveness. Those included with Basic set are:

  • A) Spying on Calls – You will be able to have access to every phone call that is made as well as to the call logs to determine when conversation occurs, whether it was an incoming or outgoing, and what was its length.
  • B) SMS Monitoring – What is more, SpyBubble also permits users to spy on SMS conversations. With the ability to track the date, content, and time of each message, you will have full coverage of all communications.
  • C) Phone Book Access – Once installed, this product will give you reports of all contacts of desired device.
  • D) GPS Location – Stay apprised of where it is located at all times during the day and night. GPS tracking also allows you to know where it is 24/7.
  • E) Email Coverage – Use it to read all incoming and outgoing emails that are sent and received by the email addresses that are linked to it.
  • F) Photo Spying – What is more, it provides customers with the opportunity to have complete coverage of photos that are stored on the smartphone of their choosing.
  • G) Internet Browser History – You will have the ability to view all websites that were visited by targeted user.

Price: You can have  all this for the low cost of $49.00!


No. 2: Pro Version

This one offers all of the above and some added benefits as well in order to offset its higher expense. A few of the extra features offered from this package include:

  • H) Text Message Forwarding
  • I) Live Picture Capturing
  • J) Remote Control
  • K) Live Call Spying
  • L) BBM & Whatsapp Messenger Tracking

Price: This pack is offered at $89.00!

What is more, the extended version is suitable to those who are looking to have a few more features to help maximize their capabilities!

Compatibility & Tutorial How To Download & Install Spybubble

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Unlike other apps, this one is compatible across all its platforms:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry

Another added benefit is that it is incredibly simple to download and on said smartphones. Below are the instructions that you can use this app.

No. 1: Android Installation

  • 1) Press the “Home” key, select “Settings”, select “Application”, and check “Unknown Sources”.
  • 2) Type into your web browser.
  • 3) Open it, click “Menu”, then “More”, and “Downloads”, this will begin the downloading process.
  • 4) Now that it is installed, turn off your device and reboot it. Click “Accept” to the terms and conditions.
  • 5) Register your license key and you are now ready to run it!

No. 2: iPhone Installation

  • 1) Jailbreak it in order to use Cydia, an application that is necessary to run spying software (However jail-breaking will usually cancel your product warranty!).
  • 2) Open Cydia and click “Sources”.
  • 3) Go for “Edit” and then “Add”.
  • 4) Enter and go for “Add”.
  • 5) Return to Cydia, click “Radio” and then “Install”.
  • 6) Click on “Restart Springboard” (your device may reboot), accept the terms and conditions and enter your product license key.

SpyBubble is an extremely useful SMS tracking mobile app that has proven to be quite useful to a variety of employers, parents, and curious individuals throughout the world.

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With the opportunity to harness the power of such a unique application, you will be able to stay apprised of actions committed with the target phone in question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!