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Simple Guide To Router SettingsIf you’ve ever purchased and set up a networking router, you have very likely come across a number that looks like

It is used on the vast majority of this equipment available for home users, and by now you might even be able to recite the digit by heart.

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In any case, this is not always obvious as to how your device is set up.

The latest models have gotten a lot better at having this process easier, but it’s still important to know a few of the basics so that you can easily get started with pretty much any model that you buy.

What Is This Number?

First of all, there needs to be an explanation of what is in the first place. Some people reading this may know already, but this is called an IP address.

This is essentially a unique identifier for a computer on a network. It can be either public or private; usually public IP´s are used for the Internet, and it’s what your computer uses behind the scenes when you type a URL like; that domain name is translated to a public IP, which it uses to uniquely identify a remote machine.

This digit, however, is a private one. It points to something different depending on what network you’re on. If you have a home router that’s plugged in and hooked up properly, there’s a good chance that you can access it by typing that number into any web browser.

Do I Need To Use Or

The last two digits may vary for certain models. In order to find out which one your hardware is using, first make sure that you are either directly connected to your router or you’re connected to its Wi-Fi.

  • IPCONFIG Command – Open a Command Prompt by pressing Win+R and typing “cmd” (without quotes). You’ll see the window pop up. From here, type “ipconfig” into the window and press Enter. You should see a lot of information come up. All of this describes how your network is set up, including the IP addresses that are being used.

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Keep In Mind: If you have directly connected, you want to look for the section with “Ethernet” in the title. For Wi-Fi, look for “Wireless LAN Adapter”. In either one, you want to look at the number next to the “Default gateway” field. This digit should tell you the router’s IP.

Instructions How To Log In To Rooter Admin

After entering in the correct digit into a web browser, it’ll typically prompt you for a username and password.

  • Where To Find It – The default user/pass combo should be mentioned somewhere on the device itself. If not, it’ll be somewhere on the packaging or manual.
  • Usual Combinations – Most of the time the default will be something like: A) admin/admin, or B) admin plus a blank password.
  • Reset It If Everything Fails – If you’ve changed its login information and can’t remember it, you can usually rectify this by resetting the router. Consult your manual for details.

Community Help

If you ever run into any problems, there are various communities on the Internet that will be glad to help you.

  • – This one is a forum where individuals can post their problems and reply if they have useful information.
  • – Another is the Linksys community site.
  • – And finally there’s also Fixya, which is a site where people can ask questions and have experts give answers.
  • Sabin

    I am a total newbie when it comes to routers although I had to install 2 by now. First time I installed one it was a real pain. Even with the instructions I couldn’t make it work for some time. I think it took me a little over 5 hours to make it work properly. I have no idea why it didn’t work.

  • Donald

    Thank you for taking the time to write this! It was very helpful to me. I was on the process of installing my router and it was great to actually see a video that I could relate to. I’ve managed to lose 2 hours with the install before I watched this. Now I think I can do it much faster!

  • pcdude

    I’ve used Fixya and they solved my problem in about 2 hours which was amazing! I had an issue with my router and I couldn’t log in into my account to change the settings. Someone answered and told me what to do in 7-8 easy steps and it worked! I’m very grateful! Thanks for posting the link to this wonderful site!

  • rey

    I have already reset my router but it still doesn’t work. I’ve read the manual inside out and still can’t get to the bottom of it. I think I will have to go and ask for help on one of those sites you shared here or on all of them. I’m not a very bright chap when it comes to computers and such, but I can follow instructions if they are clear.

  • office1

    I can easily install a router in less than 20 minutes if not faster. I remember it took me over 3 hours the first time I did it. Most manuals are not that good but I learned by watching others do it. I wasn’t a pc geek a few years back, but now I know a bit about how a pc works, how to set up a router or how to fix certain errors on a pc. Thanks for the read! I think this helps beginners understand a little bit more about these numbers and their meaning.