Ultimate Guide To Free Background Check With Tips And Tricks

Eye-Providing-Accurate-Backgrund-CheckThe news is full of business deals that have gone bad, abductions, home invasions, and even date rapes or murders. There are good and bad people in the world and in order to protect ourselves we must be vigilant.

You never know who you can trust so it is prudent to do a background check on individuals that you conduct business with or decide to date.

With just a little effort you can find a considerable amount of information on just about anyone by utilizing the many tools available on the internet. Protect yourself by using these tips and tricks and discover with whom you are associating.

Stay Within Legal Boundaries

If you are an employer who wants to screen potential employees then there are legal requirements about the info that you can ask them.

For example, you may ask him or her if they have ever been convicted of a crime or served jail time but many states have restrictions on what details you can look for in regards to timing or misdemeanors.

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What is more, employers are now required by law to ask if potential employees have the right to work in the United States and there is an online system to verify documentation provided by him or her.

Get Written Permission

  • Credit History – If you are doing a credit check then you must have written permission to gain access to these details.
  • Screening Their Devices – Other actions such as using their personal computer or mobile device with stored personal stuff to gather information are also illegal without their permission.

You Should Not

The following questions cannot be asked such as:

  • Do you have a health condition or disability?
  • Are you an American citizen?

Please Note: Questions in this area can open future employers up to lawsuits based on discrimination & similar restrictions apply to private parties as well! Just tread cautiously when investigating someone so that you do not cross the line of doing something illegal.

Information Needed For Background Check

  • Person’s Name – This is the basic info you need to have if you want to learn more about somebody else.
  • Date Of Birth – Next if you know the date when individual was born, it will help when reviewing public records to make sure you are gathering the correct details.
  • Location & Marital Status – When using social media it’s helpful to know where a person lives or if they are married to know their maiden name.
  • Personal Numbers – And finally if you are looking for a more detailed employment background check you will need to know their social security number or additional details such as passport number or driver’s license number.

Word Of Advice: Getting this type of info is prudent in today’s dangerous world! Always make sure you know who you are dealing with and conduct a screening for your own safety.

Where To Look For Free Info On Individuals

No. 1: Search Engines

One of the best ways to learn something about anyone is to make a quick Google (or any favorite engine) search.

Simply type in a person’s name, hit return and you will often see a variety of information. There could be: ArticlesImagesPublicationsGroup AffiliationsAwardsCompanies.

Word Of Advice: Making a Google search is a great place to start when doing a background check!

  1. Google.com
  2. Bing.com
  3. Ask.com
  4. Wow.com

No. 2: Social Media

Almost everyone from children to senior citizens has some presence on this type of website. If you want to learn details about specific individual and what he or she is involved in then social media is the place to go.

Facebook and Twitter are two very popular sites that allow you to search for a person and sort it by:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Other Characteristic

Keep In Mind: Many users of these sites do not have their profiles protected so they are available for viewing!

No. 3: Public Records


Visit This Website Here: CourtRecords.org

Many people tend to forget that these information are widely accessible:

  • Court Case
  • Divorce
  • Conviction
  • Even Child Support

All these records are available for anyone to review. Sometimes you have to pay to get to the online versions but a large percentage of states publish these on the internet for free.

  1. SearchSystems.net
  2. NetrOnline.com
  3. Ca.gov

If not accessible through internet in the state where your person of interest resides then you can still visit a court and view these! It will just take a little additional time.